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Updated: 03/15/05

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Tuesday, 15 March, 2005

It was a nice, quiet weekend, at least. We did, um, NOTHING on Saturday. Seriously. Didn't even bother to change out of my sweats all day. I did do some more refinishing of the steps and deck. Not exactly relaxing - sand the sealer off, putty the nail holes, apply stain - wait for stain to dry - apply polyurethane. I'm doing it in pieces, so that we can still actually get up and down the stairs.

[Yes, I know that they just *finished* the house, but whatever they used on the steps hasn't held up well so I'm fixing it.]

On Sunday we got up around seven and puttered around a bit before going to pick up Gary's son, Josh, and take him back up to Muhlenberg. Along with a friend, to whom we were not introduced. An hour and a half each way - in silence, at least on the outbound. Let me just say: Gosh, teenagers are fun.

As a reward to us, we decided to stop at Crate and Barrel on the way home and order a dining room table. I found it on line and it should fit the room nicely. We stopped at Best Buy - just looking - and had lunch at Champp's, then went home.

Heard from Laurie - her dad finally succumbed to the cancer that has been eating away at him for the past couple of years. It was definitely not unexpected, but still it is very hard. She is busy sorting out the arrangements now, but said she wants to do some sort of Trollop Trip once things settle down. She even volunteered to drink Pennsylvania wine.

[But I wouldn't want to do that to her.]

Hawk Update: Pale Male and Lola have at least one egg in the newly renovated nest. The hawk-watchers are keeping their usual (obsessively) diligent vigil, posting updates to the Palemale.com website:

1:15 [PM on nest, Lola on break]
1:21 Lola comes up 5th Ave to Fisher
1:24 Lola to nest 1:25 PM heads down 5th, lands on roof of white bldg (southmost one)[The Crows-DB]
1:29 PM to dish bldg, sits on round chimney thing
1:33 PM heads north, past Oreo
1:36 Lola stands in nest, turns complete circle, working at something
1:48 PM around behind 927 (brief appearance only, disappeared)
2:06 PM comes around octagon to nest, bringing snack to Lola
2:07 PM heads north up 5th Ave treeline (Lola has her head down, eating her snack - Lincoln said it was "a small bird" or "Starling"?)
2:20 PM on Oreo (west railing) J.D.


[Bird paparazzi.]

Cousin Debbie sent me one of the Roth Sisters' Calendars that she made for each of the cousins. She made one for each of the aunts and Aunts Lyla and Bernie asked her to make a set for the cousins as well. It is great! It has great views of the family land near Glendive, Montana, with some terrific quotes as well as sayings and thoughts about Poppy and Gram. Really wonderful. I was only out there once - many years ago - so it was nice to have a reminder of how beautiful it is.

Speaking of Aunts, things are gearing up for Operation Uber-Moms. Now that the dining room table is set - so to speak - we just need to get a sofa bed for the study and a few more linens. Mom says everyone keeps asking: Can she really accommodate eight guests?

[I guess we'll find out!]

So as mentioned I'm off again. To Bermuda for three days, home Friday afternoon until Sunday night and then to London for two days. See ya.

[The glamorous traveling life.]

Quote du jour:

"Why, land's the only thing in the world worth working for, worth fighting for, worth dying for, because it's the only thing that lasts. "

-- Gerald O'Hara, Gone With the Wind

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