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Updated: 03/09/02

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Saturday, 9 March, 2002

A spectacular late winter day here in Philly. It was around 70 degrees today - everyone was out, walking, sitting in parks, fully appreciating that which So Cal and So Fla have most of the time.

It's days like today that make me really enjoy being a city girl. I WALKED. Granted, I walk every day, but when it's cold, my walk consists of bundling and scurrying in that downcast-eye, face-braced-against-the-cold manner. No fun.

But today . . . ah, today. Splendid. I find that when it's nice out, I notice more things and notice things more. I look at the items displayed in the gallery windows, I make mental notes of the names of shops and restaurants I pass, I read menus . . .

My favorite today was from a tiny Italian place about three blocks from THE HOUSE. One of the entrees is listed as "Meat or Vegetarian Lasagna - depending on how I wake up". Love it. Another reason I am anxious to move up there - I want to eat at the little local places. There are two new ones, including a nice looking pub that just opened two blocks from THE HOUSE.

. . . I notice birds and dogs in yards and cats in windows and the daffodils breaking through the soil and just about ready to bloom. Spring weather just feels so much more alive - I think that it invites us to be participants in the world again after our winter hibernation.

Speaking of THE HOUSE, they have the steel structural framing almost complete on the living room wall. They've also laid out most of the bluestone in the den floor, just to make sure that we have enough and that the pattern is agreeable. I think it will look wonderful. On one of the big bluestone pieces, the rut where the carriage wheels wore down the stone is clearly evident - a nice reminder of the history of the building.

I think I have everything packed. I am actually over packed, considering that the entire trip will either be on the boat or getting to or from the boat, so there's no need for much other than dive gear, T-shirts and swimsuits. I did actually go shopping today, and bought three new swimsuits. Usually trying on swimsuits is a grueling exercise, but either I'm in better shape than usual (not likely), or the current styles are more flattering to my body type (probably). I also bought a much belated birthday present for Jennifer, as well as something to thank her for looking in on The Alien while I'm gone.

I'd say "speaking of" but I've done that already. The Alien seems to be feeling a bit better today, but I can tell that the light bothers her eye. I plugged in a little heating pad and let her lie on it, hoping that it would make her shoulder feel better. She seemed to like it, but it may be too warm. I will give her another half an aspirin tomorrow before I leave. I hope she's OK while I'm gone, poor kitty.

Talked to Dad tonight. He went to Disneyland yesterday and walked all over and went to the "Blast" show, so he was pretty worn out. I asked him if he went on Indiana Jones (one of his favorites) but he said he didn't go on any rides. I think that is so neat - to be able to go to the park and not feel that one HAS to do anything in particular. Mom comes home for two weeks on the 15th - she's in San Jose, CA for a retreat this weekend. Depending on when she leaves tomorrow, we may both be in San Jose at the same time - only I'll be in the one in Costa Rica.

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"A traveler without observation
is a bird without wings."

-- Moslih Eddin Saadi (1184 - 1291) Persian poet

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