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Updated: 03/05/02

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Tuesday, 5 March, 2002

Sunday afternoon I picked up my rental car and drove to Southbury, Connecticut. Across the Ben Franklin Bridge, onto the New Jersey Turnpike, change to the Garden State Parkway somewhere around Newark, head north past Manhattan, cross the Tappan Zee Bridge, head across NY state into Connecticut and eventually find the conference center. Three and a half hours. Middle of nowhere. We were having a regional production meeting for all of our Eastern Region brokers, but for those of us from the Philadelphia office, it meant going up Sunday night so that we would be on time for the meetings on Monday. We had dinner and played pool and talked, but I wasn't feeling too great.

And sure enough, yesterday morning, my voice was gone. Toast. And let me tell you, there is no more frustrated creature than a reinsurance broker that can't talk. By the middle of the day, I had a splitting headache and my throat was raw from TRYING to talk. We finished up our first day and I made an executive decision to drive back home.

I have a question for you: What is the deal with those blindingly white headlights that some of the cars have now?? You know, they're halogen, about 900 watts and seem to be able to focus directly on the rear view mirror of the car in front of them. I would think that they are a bit of a safety issue, what with all of the cars careening off the road because their drivers have had their retinas implode.

[Nah, I'm being an alarmist.]

I was still feeling pretty poor this morning, so decided to work from home. I also called to see if I could get Alien into the vet's again. She has an appointment with an Opthmologist at University of Penn on the 25th of March for her eye, but late last week, she started limping a little on one of her front legs. It got worse over the weekend, so I took her back in this morning. Dr. C. came to see her, and she checked her over. Alien's paw and leg seemed fine, but when Dr. C. got to her shoulder, she let out some impressive growls. Dr. C. asked if she could stay for some x-rays, so I went home, and returned in the afternoon.

There is no obvious reason for her limp, according to the x-rays. Dr. C. prescribed one-half of a baby aspirin every three days to hopefully reduce the inflammation. She'll call me later this week to see if it helps. I gave her the first half pill when we got home.

[THAT was fun.]

Went to dinner with my friend John tonight. We went to Fork, and once again, the food was just so-so. We split an order of scallop ceviche, but the scallops were fishy tasty. I had pate which was very nice, but a small portion. John had duck confit that he said was good, but the food just doesn't live up to the location.

They were filming an episode of "Dating Story" there tonight. It didn't look like they were really having much fun.

[Maybe they had the ceviche.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"The doctors X-rayed my head
and found nothing."

-- Dizzy Dean (1911 - 1974)
US baseball player, sportscaster

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