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Updated: 03/03/06

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by Neal Stephenson



Friday, 03 March, 2006

So, March. Hi! Definitely in like a lion, in all its cold, windy, drizzle-flurrying splendor. We'll see about its lamb-like qualities at the end of the month, although I find that it is often a case of a sheep with wolfish tendencies, what with the cruelness of April yet to come.

On the other hand - and the other COAST - Mom writes:

It was a lovely day and even though rain was predicted, it remained nice all day. The back yard is a riot of color with the jasmine a mound of pink and white. The orange and lemon trees are blooming and the rosemary is always full of blossoms with dozens of bees collecting nectar. The same is true of the lavender and the sea statice. The azaleas have already bloomed and the gardenias are a mass of buds. This is such a great time of year. Mark and I both commented on the fact that we donít really think that we could take the really cold weather anymore.

I try not to be bitter. I try not to think things like, "Oh, yes, it's just like our garden, what with the orange and lemon trees, the rosemary and lavender, the azaleas and gardenias, the salt trucks and the plows, the hard, frozen ground devoid of any life, the bare, grey tree trunks and the buds of the daffodils, just starting to peek their heads out of the soil ... no, that's just Sprite can that someone threw on the ground."

After all, it's my choice that I live here. I do know that there is a strange and wonderful place called California where there is actually life ALL YEAR ROUND. And I *could* just, um, GO THERE. Of course there's Gary, that whole job thing, the house, the condo in Jersey . . .

[Eh, details.]

The cavalcade of avocados continued last night with a salad of field greens, fried macadamia nut-crusted goat cheese rounds and (surprise!) sliced avocados. Along with some salmon fillets that I kind of messed up and acorn squash. Actually the salmon tasted fine, but I did a few things out of order and had to compile it all at the end. Oh well.

Tonight will be ISLAND PORK TENDERLOIN SALAD. With - you guessed it - avocados! Gary is on call, so I'll get everything together and head down to the on-call apartment to cook it. He's on back up this weekend so we have to stay kind of local. I think he's feeling a bit stir-crazy so we are planning to have dinner with friends tomorrow night and with his mother on Sunday.

[Maybe I'll have something without avocados, though.]


[Only 7,245 more needed for our wine cellar wall.]

Quote du jour:

"What's good about March? Well, for one thing, it keeps February and April apart."

Walt Kelly (1913 - 1973) US cartoonist

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