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Updated: 03/01/05

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Tuesday, 01 March, 2005

Well, it DID snow. But a blizzard? Err, not exactly. We got probably four inches or so in town, but I was amused to see the eleven o'clock p.m. weather forecasters doing their "humina, humina" explanations of why the predicted blizzard didn't materialize. One could sense that they were deeply disappointed.

As I said, it DID snow, however. I got outside around 6:30 this morning and shoveled our sidewalk, plus that in front of both neighbors' houses. Hey, I was out, it only took me ten minutes anyway. Maybe they'll rescue our trash cans one of these days.

[I feel a Mr. Roger's moment coming on.]

I saw that this weekend is a banner day for the home decorating world: Martha Stewart is getting out of the clink. Truth be told, I think she got a very raw deal. Yes, she did something wrong, but seriously - five months in prison? But she did the right thing, both for her company and her own image. She has done her time - at least on the inside. She'll now be under house arrest - oops, "home detention" for another five months.

She has a fan site - savemartha.com. They have a whole line of Martha-wear, including my personal favorite:

Jumpsuit Orange is So Last Season

[They even have a countdown on their website, too.]

Quote du jour:

"Home is the girl's prison and the woman's workhouse."

-- George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950) English dramatist, critic

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