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Updated: 02/26/02

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Tuesday, 26 February, 2002

No, I'm not planning on buying a condo on the Freedom Ship. I just thought it was interesting. Unfortunately, it apparently was not interesting enough to keep me awake during the Discovery Channel broadcast last night. I made it through the first part of the show - they were discussing plans for some ridiculously tall skyscraper in Hong Kong - but then I began to fade. I resurfaced long enough to watch a computer graphic simulation of the Freedom Ship facing a giant tsunami, and decided that I was having more fun sleeping so I continued on with that.

Long way of saying: I still don't know what the planned completion date is. Don't think I'll hold my breath for it, however.

I called the vet's office yesterday. I explained Alien's behavior to Amy, the Vet Tech, who talked to Dr. Casavecchia and said they'd like me to bring her in. I told her about Alien's epilepsy and the fact that stressful situations [like going to the vet's office] can cause her to have seizures. Amy talked to Dr. C. again and they still wanted to see her, but Amy said if I could bring her in by 3:30, she would put us in an examination room so Alien wouldn't have to sit out in the waiting area with the other animals.

I called Enterprise, arranged for a car and picked it up around 3:20. I had brought an empty paper box from work, so I drove home and put Grammy's blue afghan in it [Alien likes to sit on the blue afghan], and put her inside. She still isn't talking, so I wasn't treated to the usual serenade on the way to the vet, but she tried valiantly to escape through the 1.5 x 3 inch hand hole on the side.

We arrived and filled out some paperwork and Amy came out showed us into the exam room. I took Alien out of the box and she seemed OK with it, except she was shedding like crazy. Looked rather like Pig Pen with a cloud of fur trailing after her. A little stressed.

After ten minutes or so, Dr. C. came in and gave Alien a good going-over. She looked in her eyes, felt her abdomen and took her temperature - THAT didn't go over too well, but it did elicit a verbal expression of displeasure, so at least she's talking again. Dr. C. seemed pleased that Alien was eating normally and didn't appear to have any loss of balance or dizziness. She suggested it might be an infection, but that they would need to do some blood work and tests. Amy took her down the hall to draw blood and $114 dollars later, we left. They should have the results within the next couple of days.

Gosh, it's been at least a week since I wrote about cows. High time we had another cow story, I do believe. So here ya go:

Eleven days ago, a 1,200-pound white Charolais cow escaped from a slaughterhouse in Cincinatti. She made off into a nearby park and has been eluding capture ever since. They finally got her after SPCA workers set up a corral with decoy cows in the park. She was lured into the corral and they tranked her. The cow has earned clemency from execution at the slaughterhouse.

But now, the best part:

"Marge Schott, the former owner of the Cincinnati Reds' baseball team, has said the cow can have a new home on her farm."

[Hmmmm, a choice between living with Marge Schott or . . . have to think about that one for a while.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Only fruits wear ear rings."

-- Marge Schott

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