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Thursday, 22 February 2007

And so, a star is born. Gary was on television last night, on a TLC show called "That's Gotta Hurt." The show highlights several cases of bizarre medical conditions and injuries and shows how each of the people in question are treated and card for. In Gary's case, it was a man who fell in his backyard and impaled himself on the spike of his horseshoe pit. Ouch! They showed a re-enactment of the injury and treatment and had a nice couple of scenes with Gary describing the injury and potential complications.

I understand that Cousin Janet was going to try to record it for viewing at the family get-together this weekend. Which is better than we were able to do. *ahem* So I am now contacting TLC to see if they offer copies of the DVD of the show.


[Only 4,927 more needed for our Wine Cellar Wall.]

Quote du jour:

"Television is actually closer to reality than anything in books. The madness of TV is the madness of human life.

Camille Paglia (1947 - ____) US actress, writer

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