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Updated: 02/18/03

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Tuesday, 18 February, 2003

Still here. Still snowing. Just a dusting today - there is about 1/4 inch on the balcony table after an hour and a half.

[Getting a little stir crazy.]

Happy Birthday to Dad! He was contemplating really going all out today and taking a walk to celebrate. I highly recommend it - I took a stroll in the flurries at lunchtime, threw some snowballs and carved a little snowhorse.

Speaking of which, belated birthday greetings to David L, Jon, my boyfriends Connor and Ian, and Jennifer.


This is great. A company called SpamArrest, which operates a computer product designed to sort legitimate mail from spam mail apparently used the email addresses of people sending mail to their clients in their marketing campaign.(via Amish Tech Support)

They had previously defended their action as a legitimate marketing campaign, but after coming under fire from the press, anti-spam organisations and irate Internet users, they decided that spamming was perhaps not the best marketing approach they could use to sell their anti-spam product.

[Bwah ha ha ha ha!]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"There is still no cure for the common birthday."

-- John Glenn

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