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Updated: 02/18/02

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by Lisa Crihfield Dalby

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Monday, 18 February, 2002

Happy Birthday Dad!! I sent him a couple of books that I think he'll enjoy and I was pleased to hear that they had arrived in time.

We have had just about every weather phenomenon other than snow today. Started out with some light showers and a double rainbow while we were having breakfast. The winds moved in mid-morning, and we got caught in a brief downpour and had to take shelter under a restaurant awning for a few minutes. After five minutes, the sky was bright blue with lots of sunshine, but ten minutes after that we looked out the window of our meeting room to see HAIL!

It stayed gusty and cool all day, but even though we walked all over Hamilton, we managed to avoid most of the rain showers. We finished up around 5:45, and took a cab back to the hotel. We had a half hour to refresh ourselves, then went to the restaurant called Horizons and Cottages. It is a charming house that has guest rooms and a lovely restaurant [it is part of the Relais et Chateaux system], and we waited near one of the fireplaces for our dinner companions. The rain continued off and on, and the winds were really blowing outside.

After a while, Mike called them and discovered that there had been a mix-up in scheduling: they thought we were having dinner tomorrow night. We said that we could do some reshuffling and see them on Tuesday night, so the three of us sat down for dinner.

I had tuna carpacchio, asparagus soup and roast lamb, all of which were delicious. Just as we were about to look at the dessert menus, a wind-blown man came into the dining room - it was one of our missing dinner companions. He had been having dinner when Mike called him and felt so bad about the mix-up that he put on his wet weather gear, jumped on his scooter and drove over to apologize! He sat with us and had a glass of wine and we talked for a while before heading home. I didn't envy him having to ride home in the gusty, rainy weather on a scooter!

Dad sent me an e-mail this afternoon. I had sent him two books, Galileo's Daughter and a biography of a Sioux Indian named Black Elk. He wrote:

"I am starting with Black Elk Speaks. In the plains at the Shrine [Faith, South Dakota where he grew up] we had the Sioux camped at the edge of town one summer that I remember. Seemed like thousands."

I called him when I got back after dinner. He was having roast chicken for dinner and watching the olympics. He said liked the books and was going to start reading tonight.

I can hear the wind blowing outside. I really hope it calms down for tomorrow.

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"It's a good thing that
when God created the rainbow,
He didn't consult a decorator
or He would still be picking colors."

-- Sam Levenson (1911 - 1980)

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