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Updated: 02/16/02

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What's on the nightstand

by Lisa Crihfield Dalby


what to pack

Saturday, 16 February, 2002

Happy Birthday to Jennifer!

Woke up early this morning. Naturally - it's Saturday and I could sleep in as long as I wanted so I awoke at 5:30. *sheesh* I got up and watched TV.

I found a program about Parrots on Animal Channel. I've always been intrigued by birds - we had parakeets when I was young - and I have toyed with the idea of getting a parrot or cockatoo when I move into THE HOUSE. But then again, I understand that having a parrot is rather like having a three year-old toddler that never grows up. They are high maintenance to the nth degree and I fear that my travel schedule would be too much for it. I mean, I can leave my cat alone for up to a week but I don't think I could do the same with a parrot. At least not without collateral damage. Besides, there's that whole bird poop thing.

Until now. There is now a solution to that problem . . .

[Stop that - it's NOT a cork.]

A company called Flightquarters has developed a product called the Avian Flightsuit. Bird diapers. No, really. It's a little fabric pad that is held in place by straps that fit over the wings. But the best part: they comes in a variety of colors and styles, including my favorite, a blue pad with a red Superman cape attached to the wing straps. Faster than a speeding . . .

Should I worry that I have written about animal poop two days in a row?


I'm leaving for Bermuda tomorrow. Would love to tell you that I'm am going to be relaxing in the sun for a few days, but unfortunately that's not the case. Bermuda is a reinsurance hub, and one of my colleagues and I are taking a client down there for meetings. Bermuda is better than Columbus in that it is prettier and hopefully warmer, but it is even more difficult to get to. In order to have two full days of meetings on Monday and Tuesday, I have to spend Sunday flying over and Wednesday flying back. And I have to work on a holiday to boot.

[Sympathy? Nah, didn't think so.]

Beautiful day in Philly today. I ran some errands this morning - went to the pet store and bought stuff for the tanks, fish food, etc. And an Algae Eater [that's a type of fish]. He was a bit freaked out at first, and the three Angel Fish were being obnoxiously curious about him, but he's now settled down and has his little sucker mouth firmly attached to the glass. I suppose I should name him [her?]. After all, I named the computer.

Had a lovely skate in the park this afternoon. It was pretty crowded due to the nice weather but it was nice to be out. It took me about a kilometer to get into my stride, but after that I was rocking. In addition to the other skaters, bikers, joggers, there were a large number of dog walkers, a couple of guys rock climbing on a cliff face, and a man sitting near the river playing a set of seven large bongo drums. Not quite Ricky Ricardo, but a nice effect.

OK, last comment on the animal doo-doo topic for this entry. The phone number for the Avian Flightsuit people is 1-888-412-7667 - that's 1-888-For One To Poop.

[Easily amused today.]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"She was not quite what
you would call refined.
She was not quite what
you would call unrefined.
She was the kind of person
that keeps a parrot."

-- Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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