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Updated: 02/10/03

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Monday, 10 February, 2003

PETA is so far behind the times. Frances the Mule came out denouncing the recent donkey bombings two weeks ago. (Hat tip Chuck Simmins)

With the recent use of donkeys as walking bombs in Columbia and Israel, Frances the mule has stepped out of retirement to accept the charimanship of a new organisation, No On Donkeys Or Zebras Exploding (NODOZE). Speaking from his retirement home, the Mr. Ed Stud Farm in Boca, Frances issued the following statement:

"We stand today for equine safety, for equine freedom from fear! We call upon PETA, the Animal Rights Watch, the ALF and ELF to prominently denounce this unwarrented cruelty towards our four hooved brothers. We demand that the ALF and ELF immediately take all actions necessary to prevent and forestall future use of any equines as weapons of mass destruction."

Heh - "NODOZE." Check out the full press release.

Not that PETA has a lock on ridiculous animal antics . . . When I started college - many years ago - I was planning to be a veterinarian. So I noted with revulsion the latest animal rights joke being run up the flagpole in Colorado:

Colo. Proposal Would Elevate Pet Status

DENVER - Several Colorado lawmakers are supporting legislation to elevate the status of cats and dogs from property to companions.

The measure would allow people in Colorado to sue veterinarians and animal abusers and seek damages for "loss of companionship," up to $100,000.

Colorado has more than 2 million dogs and cats in 1.6 million households. Current law classifies them as property, and pet owners can seek only "fair market value" in a lawsuit.

Colorado already is among 14 states legally recognizing dogs and cats as beneficiaries and allowing people to leave money and property to their pets.

$100K QUESTION: Who do you think benefits from this bill?

A) The Pets.
B) The ChildrenTM.
C) A Little Old Lady in Pasadena.
D) The Lawyers who will sue veterinarians charging "loss of companionship" for every Ex-Parrot in the state.


I am so disgusted by this. This is not about the well-being of animals or their owners, it is about a new opportunity for lawyers to make money. They will bring lawsuits against veterinarians, just as they are doing to doctors all over this country. It will raise the costs of insurance for them, and raise our costs as well to cover their additional expenses.

I love my animals. Well, I don't really *love* the fish, but I don't think that bothers them. I *do* consider my pets to be companions. I was really devastated when I had to have Alien put to sleep last year, but I saw how much the veterinarians cared about her and really tried to help. I lost my companion - I guess I should have sued them because after all everything is someone else's fault and I deserve to get some money for it.


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Quote du jour:

"In the world of mules there are no rules."

-- Ogden Nash (1902 - 1971) US poet

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