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Updated: 02/05/03

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Wednesday, 05 February, 2003

I'm watching MSNBC, listening to the analysis of Colin Powell's speech before the UN, and I see the following line creep across the bottom of the screen:

PETA criticizes Bush
for treatment of Thanksgiving turkey

Wait . . . the Thanksgiving turkey? Isn't that the one that the President "pardons" from the holiday table?

I search. I find this:

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sent a letter Wednesday to President Bush, saying the turkeys he pardoned the past two years as a Thanksgiving tradition are living in "substandard conditions." The group claimed the birds were shivering in a shed without enough food and water at Frying Pan Park, a tourism farm in Herndon, Va.

Ya know, it's a vast right wing conspiracy. When Clinton was President, I'm sure he let his turkeys sleep in the White House.

[In the Lincoln Bedroom.]

As you know, one of my favorite blogs is James Lileks' The Bleat. One of those "must read" sites for me, which I have been doing for the past couple of years. He has been titled "The Dave Barry of Weblogs" by many in the blogosphere, for his knack of describing ordinary events in a way that is both funny and poignant.

A few weeks ago, Dave Barry launched his own blog. It follows the "Blogspot" template of a series of individual posts, each with a place for reader comments, rather than the "one big post each day" type (like Diddakoi).

I've checked it out a few times. He's had some funny comments, and I'm sure he'll have a huge readership because he is, of course, Dave Barry. I have been a fan of Dave Barry's since I read his book, "Babies and Other Hazards of Sex" 15 years ago. Mom and Laurie send me the occasional Dave Barry columns with the hysterical parts highlighted, and I think he is very, very funny. And perhaps I'm being a little judgmental at this early stage of his blogdom, but . . .

Dave Barry is no James Lileks.

Wish I had seen this one on February 2nd, but better late than never. (Via Sgt. Stryker)

Leaving a "medical facility" in a Baghdad suburb today, Dr Hans Blix cast his eyes downward for a fleeting moment, and in that split second he saw something of grave importance:

His shadow.

There will be, apparently, six more weeks of weapons inspections.


~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"Most turkeys taste better the day after; my mother's tasted better the day before."

-- Rita Rudner (1956 - ____) US comedienne, essayist, actress

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