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Updated: 02/01/05

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Tuesday, 01 February, 2005

My whole schedule is thrown off. Gary is normally on call on Mondays, so having been in-house on Sunday, I felt that yesterday was Tuesday. It will only get worse, since he swapped his Monday call for Tuesday with one of his partners and will be on call tonight instead. So it means that tomorrow will feel like Tuesday. Again. But I'll be in New York, which will add to my confusion. Hopefully by the time Friday rolls around, it will feel like the workweek is ending.

[Just in time for the Superbowl!]

Speaking of which our friend Keith is coming into Philly on Sunday afternoon from London. He's only in town for a day, but he's going to come over and stay at the house and watch the game with us. Many years ago, Keith tried to explain the rules of cricket to me, but I think he has spent enough time in the states that he know American football rules better than I do.

But I'm not being a very good hostess - I think I have to go to Columbus the next morning, so we may just have to leave him with the phone number for the cab company and ask him to shut the door on his way out.

[What does Miss Manners say about that?]

Quote du jour:

"If you can't be kind, at least be vague."

-- Judith Martin, Miss Manners

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