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Updated: 01/29/03

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Wednesday, 29 January, 2003

So the vote is: we'd all rather be in South Beach Miami than here today. It is no longer achingly cold, but it is hovering in the mid-upper 20s and spitting drizzle-flur at us. Which will later melt slightly and refreeze into an unsightly, slippery mass on the sidewalks and streets. And let's see . . . Weather.com says it will be in the mid-upper 70s in Miami for the foreseeable future. Ah . . . a room at The Tides, lunch at one of those cute bistros along Ocean Drive, a little beach/pool time, dinner at China Grill, perhaps an adult beverage at The Delano . . .

Here are some pix from the last time I was in SoBe in February 2000.

South Beach Swing

South Beach Benchs

South Beach Nets

South Beach Benches


Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive

[*sigh* Drizzle-flur it is.]

From the Irony Files: (Via CNN.com)

Iraq to chair U.N. disarmament conference

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- Iraq will chair the United Nations' most important disarmament negotiating forum during the panel's May session.

At the rules-minded United Nations, it's not a country's status with international weapons inspectors, but the letters in its name that determine which member state chairs the Conference on Disarmament.

Iraq will take its turn as the head of the conference, a U.N. spokesman said, because of a "purely automatic rotation by alphabetical order."

And just for added fun:

Therefore, joining Iraq as co-chair for the session in Geneva, Switzerland, will be Iran.

[Nope, I've tried. You can't make this stuff up.]

Speaking of Irony . . . (Via Brokennewz.com)

In other news, the bill making Bushism an official religion to be taught in all schools across the country was passed by a significant majority. So did the one about 'irony' being officially redefined to mean 'a bit like iron'.


England's Pigs Must Be Kept Happy.

LONDON (Reuters) - England's farmers must keep their pigs happy with toys and straw or face a big fine, the government said Wednesday. Farmers have been told to put a football, metal chains or hay in their pigsties to provide "environmental enrichment" for their animals.

The ruling, originally from the European Commission and now being passed into law at home, is designed to stop pigs from getting bored and attacking each other.

[Won't the pigs be upset by the football - a kind of awful foreshadowing of their fate?]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

The pig's reply to proponents of porcophagy."

-- Ambrose Bierce (1842 - 1914) US journalist, short-story writer

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