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Updated: 01/27/03

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Monday, 27 January, 2003

A while back I mentioned that 2003 is the 50th anniversary of Peeps. Today I found this. The reviews speak for themselves:

"I have no words that can describe this. Except maybe way too much time on your hands."


"First I thought it was stupid. Then I knew it was stupid. But it still made me laugh."


If you have time (and I mean a lot of it, because these people are thorough) go ahead and play the whole thing. But here are a couple of scenes from The Lord of the Peeps:

Gandalf and Frodo

Strider and the Hobbits

Yes, folks, it is what it appears to be: The Lord of the Rings done with PEEPS. My first thought when I saw it: these people are really strange . . . and I bet The Trollops would get along well with them.

UPDATE: Confirmed by Stephani who writes:

Well, SOMEBODY has an awful lot of time on their hands -- I bet they are a blast to go drinking with!

Prof. T.

A Theme. Yes, that's what we have here. I found the Official Marshmallow Peeps website - OH MY. And I thought the LOTP guys were a little off. They have all kinds of things going on:

Peepsville - complete with a run-down on all of the 50th Anniversary Peeps, a Peeps History Timeline, and a General Store where you can sort of buy Peeps merchandise. I say "sort of" because you actually have to buy Peeps and get the "Peeps Points" that you can then cash in for keychains, pens, mousepads, t-shirts, etc. Now I'm not sure how many Peeps Points are on a particular item, but I hope it's a lot because that Peeps Travel Mug is 100 Peeps Points, plus $4.10 shipping & handling.

Recipes and Crafts - *shudder* My teeth hurt at the thought of regular Peeps, but . . . "Marshmallow Peeps Chocolate Melt-A-Way Hearts" . . . Chocolate-dipped Strawberry Creme and Vanilla Creme Peep Hearts. Oh well. Could be worse. Could be this:

Peep Hat

Patriotic Peeps Hat

Peeps Fun Bus - "Two Peeps Fun Buses will be traveling throughout the nation in 2003! The buses will be filled with Peep-tastic games and activities. Get a chance to make fun Peeps crafts, win some Peeps prizes and take a tour of the Peeps Fun Bus. What's in the bus, you're asking? You'll just have to wait and see!"

And for the really exciting part . . . this week is when the Peeps Fun Bus will be hitting NYC and Philadelphia!

[Gotta go find that bus!]

~ ~ ~

Quote du jour:

"And yet, as angels in some brighter dreams/
Call to the soul when man doth sleep,/
So some strange thoughts transcend our wonted themes,/
And into glory peep."

-- Henry Vaughan (1622 - 1695) Anglo-Welsh poet, mystic

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