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Updated: 01/08/04

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20 degrees

Friday, 9 January, 2004

We hit our high temperature for the day at midnight and it's been on the glidepath past freezing ever since. Not supposed to snap out of it until Monday either. I'm sure those sitting in the stands at The Link watching the Iggles and Green Bay on Sunday will have a chance to appreciate that sumptuous "change of seasons" I've heard so much about here on the east coast.

["E-A-G-L-E-S . . . EAGLES!! Brrrr!!"]

Suki and I vacuumed this morning. Well, I took a shower and Suki sat on a chair and watched "Carmen" trundle back and forth. She really doesn't like carpet very much (the Roomba, not the cat), but she should do a great job on the hard floors in the house. I realized that there is NO carpeting at all on the first floor, aside from whatever rugs I get, so I think I'll keep Carmen downstairs and use the regular vacuum upstairs in the bedrooms.

BTW, I saw that there is also a Robotic Lawn Mower available. Works the same way as the Roomba - you set up perimeter sensors and it moves across the lawn and cuts the grass. Kind of pricey - $600 - but what the hay.

[Maybe I should consider putting in a lush expanse of grass in the garden just so I could get a Robomower.]

In other news . . . Fark.com gives a heads up on the latest in movie tie-ins: Mattel has introduced Barbie and Ken as Arwen and Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings. Amazon is hawking them for $59.99 for the set.

I was especially amused by one of the Customer Reviews:

Mattel has gone too far with the tie ins. Barbie is no Arwen, nowhere in Middle Earth did any pink vehicles exist. And Ken as Aragorn? Ken is only known for being Barbie's subservient toy, no where near King of Man caliber at all. Can Ken defeat armies of orcs? Nooooooo, he couldnt even keep GI Joe off of Barbie.

I say we gather these up and toss them in the fires of Mount Doom. In lieu of finding a way into Mordor, a Bic will suffice.


Here is a story that offers a warning to those of us who scuba dive: never try to teach a fish to drink. (Hat tip to John K)

Divers Probed for Giving Fish Champagne

WARSAW (Reuters) - Three Polish divers faced a police investigation Thursday for possible illegal fishing and animal abuse after a news photo showed them plying a freshly caught pike with champagne at an outdoor New Year's party.

"They may have committed offences of poaching and maltreating a fish," said Maria Niedziolka of the National Fishing Authority, which notified police of the incident.

The picture in Nowa Trybuna daily showed three frogmen neck-deep in a lake, with one of them tipping a bottle of cheap Russian bubbly into the fish's open mouth.

Something's fishy

One of the divers told news agency PAP that they had found the pike half-dead and wanted to "restore it to consciousness by treating it with champagne."

It was not clear whether the fish survived. Police said it would not be needed as evidence in the investigation.

Q: How many Polish divers does it take to get a pike drunk?

A: Four - Three to pour cheap Russian bubbly down the fish's throat and one to watch for the cops.


And on a sad note, today is the last day at PMA Re for most of those folks. I heard from George, David and Doug today - I wish them and all the others there the best of luck.

Even ~ ~, the new name of The Underwriter Formerly Known as Chip.

[I can mention his former name, since he's no longer being eschewed.]

Quote du jour:

"Never try to teach a pig to sing.
It wastes your time and annoys the pig."

-- Unknown

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