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Updated: 03/01/08

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Thursday, 03 January, 2008

Cold. It's cold. Instead of wind chill they now call it, "Real Feel", but either way it felt like -4 degrees this morning. It pretty much felt that way in the hospital's on-call apartment last night, which is going on one month without heat. The management office provided two relatively useless electric radiators which seem to be able to blow the circuit breakers whenever anything else [TV, computer, a light bulb] is on and still not actually generate any warmth. And the shower took a record 25 minutes to warm up beyond tepid this morning.

But it could be worse:

A remarkable cold snap that brought temperatures in the mid-30s to the Miami area Thursday morning also brought lizards falling out of trees at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne, the Miami Herald reported.

"We have found dozens on the bike path after a major cold snap," said park manager Robert Yero. "When they warm up in the sun, they come back to life."


Quote du jour:

"Can you believe the weather we are having? Cold, windy and damp . . . And I hear outdoors it's even worse."

Gary Apple

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