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Updated: 01/01/04

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by Alexandre Dumas



Thursday, 1 January, 2004

At the risk of starting the blog with a total cliche . . . Happy New Year! I got out of work early yesterday, went home and cleaned for a while - thank you again Mom and Dad for the Roomba vacuum. The cat and I supervised it as it cruised around the house. It does a pretty nice job although it gets a bit confused and thinks it is done after it hits a few table legs.

Gary made an incredible seafood dinner - Clams Casino, Crabmeat Napoleans, and Baked Lobster with Shrimp Stuffing. WOW. I made Chocolate Lava Cakes with home-made vanilla bean ice cream for desert. A little before midnight, we went down to the end of the pier and had front row seats for the fireworks. They even had the "Waterfall of Fire" off of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Quite impressive.

Today was very relaxed. We did NOT watch the dreaded Mummers' Parade. We did watch a DVD - "A Mighty Wind". It is a "mockumentary" by Christopher Guest, the guy who did "This is Spinal Tap". This one is about several 1960's folk singing groups who get together for a reunion concert. Very well done, with an excellent cast.

We also watched USC beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl! Of course the National Championship controversy will continue for a few more days, but I know who I'm voting for.

[Insert Trojan Fight Song here.]

Quote du jour:

"Football combines the two worst features of American life. It is violence punctuated by committee meetings."

-- George Will (1924 - ____) US football coach

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