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September 1, 2008

September Song

Oh the days dwindle down To a precious few . . .
I love summer and I especially loved it when Kay was small. I loved hearing the children playing outside in the twilight. The rule was that you had to come in when the street lights went on. There were about eight little girls on the block so they had wonderful times. I think that children are so over programmed nowadays and they canít just play and imagine and dream. I liked summer when little kids could be little kids. Kay and her friends would play on the lawn or in the back yard play area or in the play house for hours on end.

My favorite summer place, of course, is Takayama, Japan. I loved the summers Mmmm and I spent there, reading and beach-combing and walking. It was just great. I liked it so much that every summer I bring out a basket of Takayama shells and put it on the coffee table to remind me of the wonderful times we had. This year I included a picture of Mom who went to Japan with sister Anita when she was either 89 or 90. Anita, of course, struggled with both their suitcases and with Mom, but it was a great time for all. My favorite picture of Mom was taken there. Niece Terri gave us a frame with shells which is perfect.

Gram and Shells

When we came back last time, I brought back a little wooden box I found in the sand and a handful of beach. I call it my Baby Beach. I have tiny shells and creatures in it.

Baby Beach

One of the benefits of being retired is that we have, in a sense, especially here in Southern California, an endless summer. But now, in deference to those who have jobs and responsibilities and schedules, it is time to put away the Baby Beach and change out the shells on the coffee table and try being grownup.

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