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August 27, 2008

For English, press 1

The computer is running sooooo slowly so I wrote to darling niece, Jody, asking her to help me with the task. She is great about helping with whatever needs to be done and she is so efficient and knowledgeable. Of course she wrote right back and told me what information she needed. She told me exactly how to find the information. When I sent her the info she said that, yes, 270 MB out of 13.9 GB is definitely a problem. There are two things we can do. Delete programs and Delete files. She gave me some web sites for some neat programs and now I am sitting here in front of the computer paralyzed with fear. Fear that I will delete some absolutely essential program or some irreplaceable file. Even with the neat little programs, I still am not sure exactly what everything means. Even Jody said that I will still have to figure out what everything is. What exactly is aspupdate, or shellmon.exe, or gStart.exe, or HKWnd.exe and the 72 others on my computer? What language are they speaking? I know you computer people know, so spare me, but for those of us who thought that French, German, Russian, Swedish and Spanish were foreign languages, computerese is really a completely foreign language.

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