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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hello and Goodbye

Niece Janet Green wrote about wonderful family news:

I was in Palm Springs for a Management retreat Wed. and Thurs., worried that my cell phone would vibrate in the middle of the superintendent's session. However, Rachel was kind enough to wait to deliver... This morning, August 18th, at 7:18, Claire Zoe Milligan was born: 6 lbs, 13 oz, 20 in. Dark brown hair, beautiful skin.

Janet goes on:
Jim and I are on cloud 9! I just got back from my evening visit and got to hold her. She makes the cutest faces!

Doesn’t that sound just like what a proud grandmother would and should say?

Another leaf on our family tree.

But yesterday was a day of mixed blessings. I received word that the husband of one of my dearest and oldest friends has gone to be with the Lord. Margaret was the Class Administrator when I started BSF class with my then three year old and she became my Class Administrator when I started teaching. In many ways, she was my mentor that first year and ever since. I met Phil through her and I always admired their zest for life and their commitment to the Lord. They went to the Philippines as Short term missionaries when Phil retired and that place and those people were dear to them. They loved to sail and travel and in the summer, after class was over, they would take off to visit family and friends in their camper. I can hear their laughter in my memory as I write.

Margaret wrote just a few days before Phil died:

I wish you could hear the sounds I am listening to. Two of our daughters are here with one of the husbands. The girls are in the bedroom we have set up for Phil and they are singing harmony to hymns about the cross to him. He is soon going to be with the Lord. He is on hospice care, is on a hospital bed with visiting nurses coming to assist us in caring for him. He is on morphine for pain management. Next Tuesday daughter #2 will also be here with her husband and one son. Harold and Darlene Sala have offered their house for the extra clan to stay in, even though the Salas will not be home from a Manila, Inner Mongolia and China ministry trip.

We are sad about Phil leaving us. We cry, then turn around and laugh about something. We know he will be with the Lord and we will see him again but it is a hard experience. It is a ’holy time’ also. We can joyfully say that there is nothing standing between any of us – all with pure hearts in relationship to each other.

We appreciate all your prayers and concern for us at this time.

I need to go be with him.

Much Love,


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