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Saturday, August 5, 2006

How did I get here?

I am not very computer literate and I donít speak blog, but here I am. My daughter, Kay, has unlimited (and probably misplaced) faith in my ability to do things and she set up a blog for me. She not only set it up but wrote a 15 page manual, organized and designed it, put one of her pictures on the blog page, wrote and answered quite a few frantic e-mails and phone calls and figuratively held my hand as I worked my way through what was a challenging time. I felt as though I was taking the SATís or the equivalent thereof.

In case there is anyone reading this that isnít in the family or doesnít know me, I am Jan, Kayís very proud mom. I have been married to her father for 51 Ĺ years but he has instructed me not to use his name in the blog so I shall refer to him as Mmmm. Actually, he is rather yummy. We have lived in the same house in Southern California for nearly 44 years, but we love to travel and have taken some wonderful trips. I am one of six sisters, most of whom live in Montana. My youngest sister and her husband live in Southern California also, at least part time. The rest of the time they live in Japan. Mmmm has family in Southern California, as well as Washington, and I am blessed to have been warmly accepted into his family too.

Now about this blog - - I have no idea what I am going to write nor how often. It is said that in every family there is someone who assumes the role of Family Historian. I guess that is what I have done. I write a Family Letter which began, years ago, when I felt that the families were growing apart and losing track of each other. It has no theme and I just write whatever happens and whatever comes to mind, so this might be more of the same. We shall see.

So, on with the Blog.

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