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August 1, 2008

Suzy Cute

Recently our terrific nephew, Ty, came and took all the stuff down from the mezzanine Mmmm and his dad had constructed in the garage. There we had stored a crib, a bathinette, a trunk of baby clothes, a box of school work and boxes and boxes of Kay’s books, games and toys. We had evidently thought we would have another child to use them or were saving them for the presidential library if she ever decided to run for president. Neither of those things occurred so we are going through things and deciding what to do with them.

Some time ago Kay asked me if I still had her Suzy Cute stuff. She suggested that I could sell them on eBay and make some money. She had the doll and all the equipment that they sold plus doll clothes and so forth. I checked on eBay to see about prices and thought, “Yeah! I could do that!”. Then I read the descriptions – “unused”, “in original box”, “never out of the box.” I looked at hers and thought I would have to write, “Much played with”, “Hair loved off”, “Arm tends to fall off”. Which brings me to a feeling I often have when I see toys and dolls on the Antique Roadshow in their original boxes, in mint condition - I wonder if they were purchased as an investment or were the children who received them not allowed to play with them.

My philosophy is that toys are meant to be played with and the signs of play are endearing. Kay was always pretty careful with her toys and there wasn’t much that was off limits in her room. I was a little concerned when she hung her big walking doll by the neck from her two-story playhouse. I just chalked it up to sibling rivalry. So, we won’t be going on a cruise with the profit from her toys but we are rich in memories


Suzy Cute

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