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Updated: 08/31/05

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Wednesday, 31 August, 2005

So that two months without a mortgage? Done. Back in debt for the next thirty years. I settled on the condo in Longport, NJ last Friday and we spent the weekend transferring our stuff the half mile from one condo to the other.

Gary is taking tomorrow off to go down and wait for deliveries from IKEA and Circuit City, as well as visits from the tile guy and the electrician to install track lighting in the living room. His main goal is to spend the time assembling the IKEA furniture so that we have places to put stuff. Unfortunately, I have a meeting and a dinner here in town tomorrow, so I can't take the time off to help.

[But I'm sure there will be plenty left to do on Friday night.]

The devastation of the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is almost unbelievable. As much as I have disliked visiting New Orleans, this is a true tragedy and it is nowhere near over. It will probably be months before some of those areas are even close to being inhabitable again.

Mom said that my cousin Jackie's daughter, Cari, lives around Violet, LA, just east of New orleans - directly in the path of the hurricane. She was supposed to get married next weekend. They've lost everything and were trying to get out of the area, but they only had a quarter tank of gas.

They say that 80% of the city of New Orleans is underwater. They have to evacuate the Superdome that they were using as a shelter and bus an estimated 25,000 people to Houston, Texas. The governor of Texas (Rick Perry) has said that the hurricane survivors are welcome in Texas for "as long as they want to stay." Children who are sheltered at the Astrodome will be able to attend public schools in Houston. Perry says the Astrodome schedule has been cleared through December.


Parts of Mississippi are just gone. Destroyed. Some of the pictures look like those from Banda Aceh in Indonesia after the tsunami.


Quote du jour:

"Apres moi, le deluge"

King Louis XV

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