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Updated: 08/14/06

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by Neal Stephenson


two more weeks

Monday, 14 August, 2006

Ouch. I am feeling the effects of my new work-out regime. Not sure how effective it will be for things like weight loss and/or toning, but it sure hurts! Here's how you play:

1. Go to IKEA.

2. Buy stuff. This would include a shelving system for the garage wall, and some new shelves for the laundry room cabinet (also purchased at IKEA a while ago).

3. Go to Lowes.

4. Buy stuff. This would include a "things with long handles" organizer (e.g., brooms, mops, etc.), and a ten-foot section of 4-inch perforated PVC pipe. Ha! Surprised you with that one, didn't I?

5. Go home and assemble. Well, there are some other steps in that, like: install new shelves in laundry room cabinet, think "gee, that was easy", attach "things with long handles" organizer to wall behind door in garage, think "gee, that was easy too" and determine to install IKEA garage wall shelves, move all of the junk away from the garage wall, get the ladder out, decide that the ladder is too short, get the OTHER ladder out, fight with ladder, say bad things to ladder when it falls on your arm, sweat, try to attach top part of shelving support to wall AND have it be level, sweat some more, decide that we really need another drill since the one we have runs out of juice halfway through and these screws are NOT EASY TO TURN by hand, sweat even more, actually get shelving installed and decide that it looks pretty good, who would have thought?

6. Go inside where thankfully the A/C is running (see earlier post) and enjoy a glass of Crystal Light lemonade, consumed in one gulp. Look for kitty who is mysteriously absent.

7. Open door to garage and find missing kitty who is covered in spider webs. Take damp sponge to kitty to remove spider webs. Enjoy another glass of lemonade while waves of hate emanate from kitty as a result of the Damp Sponge Incident.

8. Decide we haven't had enough so go outside into yard and begin digging drainage trench for ten-foot perforated pipe (you were wondering about that one). In between pick and shovel action, determine to tackle the nasty weed forest that has sprung up seemingly overnight. I mean, seriously, how did this happen? These things are taller than I am and apparently set into the ground with some sort of planty cement. Get most of weeds pulled and most of trench dug. Now I just need to get the contractors to come and attach the pipe to the drain that is standing in the middle of the yard.

9. Take shower, cook dinner and go to Chez Trauma where Gary has been on call all weekend.

[Not sure which of us is more exhausted today.]

I direct your attention to a new link on the left. Actually I've been reading Miss Doxie for a while, and she is just too funny. A little heavy on the bad language (cover your ears, Mom), but the stories about the dachshunds in particular are hilarious, as Eva (owner of two dachshunds herself) can attest. This week, Miss Doxie's A/C died as well, so she took all four of her dogs to her mother's house. She writes:

But really, thank God I've got somewhere to go, because the whole "hot" thing was just not working for the dogs, and particularly not for Gimmme. Gimmme has had kind of a bad month. He managed to fall into my parents' pool a few weeks ago, and somehow jerked in a manner that gave him whiplash (yes. My dog has whiplash), and so he is on a wide variety of pain medications and has been acting like a drunken sailor for days. He will start to run, only he will be running sideways, and then he will fall over onto his side and wag, his tail going thump-thump-thump on the floor, until someone comes along and plops him on his feet again. And it's like his entire physical state has changed, and he has gone from being a solid little doggie to something similar to a ziploc filled with jelly, and he just squooshes happily around the world, falling over and thump-thump-thumping on occassion, and generally loving pharmecuticals.

If you have the time, I highly recommend reading her past entries, in particular, The Sound and the Fury (of Bo).

[I think Suki was channeling Bo after the Damp Sponge Incident.]

Ron has pointed out that the cork tally hasn't changed. Guess we'll have to drink more! The problem is that in the summer we generally like nice refreshing white wines, often California Sauv Blancs or New New World wines (Chile, Australia, New Zealand), which have gone more and more to synthetic corks, or even Stelvin Closures (Thanks Jeff!). Whilst the syntheics might find a home somewhere in the wine cellar decor, I can't quite work with the screwcaps. So I guess we'll have to wait until fall and drink more reds.

[Or wait for more cork donations.]


[Only 7,190 more needed for our wine cellar wall.]

Quote du jour:

"Why do strong arms fatigue themselves with frivolous dumbbells? To dig a vineyard is worthier exercise for men. "

Marcus Valerius Martial

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