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Updated: 02/11/06

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Saturday, 11 February, 2006

J.R.R. Tolkien once said,

Most English-speaking people, for instance, will admit that cellar door is 'beautiful', especially if dissociated from its sense (and from its spelling).

I'm not quite sure what the good professor would have thought about this newly minted expression, courtesy of Jon on Thursday:


A fun evening - Jon, John K, Franny and I - at Kristian's restaurant in South Philly. Eva had other plans, so we had to make do with drinking a bottle (or two) or wine in her honor. We did pledge - with geeky hand swearing - that we would come back in December for dinner plus a tour of the festive holidays lights in Franny's neighborhood.

We all had the Osso Bucco. Just. Awesome. And served with individual "marrow sporks," with which to extract the oh-so-tasty bone marrow out of the shanks. Slurp.

In addition to the sporkage, some other highlights of the evening:

"Give her your coat, I'm taking her upstairs."
"I saved you another olive.
"Give up the beets."

[All of which probably made more sense with a bottle or three of wine.]

We're "down the shore" this weekend, watching Team Ikea (Sweden) beating the Russians in Womens' Hockey. I know that the blue and yellow uniforms of the Swedish team are their national colors, but seriously, exactly the same shade as the huge Ikea stores. See?

Team Ikea


We are waiting for the snow to arrive. It's been something over two months since the last measurable snowfall in the Philly area - pretty amazing, really - and the weather forecasters are all twitchy about it. I can tell that they are terribly disappointed, since the prediction - and related screen graphics - have progressed as follows over the past couple of days:



heavy snow

If it lightens up any more, I have a feeling that we'll find Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz - our local weather geek - lying in a corner of the newsroom in a fetal position, murmuring "blizzard?" and sucking on the end of his bow tie.



[Only 8,092 more needed for our wine cellar wall.]

Quote du jour:

"I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life,"

Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854

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