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Updated: 01/26/06

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Thursday, 26 January, 2006


[Only 8,380 more needed for our wine cellar wall.]

So Bermuda was good. Busy, but the weather was not too horrible, and only one meeting cancelled on us. We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and following a light lunch at the hotel, we went on a driving tour of Bermuda. We went down to the South Shore Road and around to the Docklands on the far western side of the island. This was the first time that one of our clients and one of my colleagues had visited Bermuda, so they appreciated getting out to see something other than just downtown Hamilton.

We had dinner the first night with my former boss, Jed [F.O.F.], who is now an underwriter. The next day and half were a blur of meetings, and I have to give special thanks to Foxie's taxi service, whose drivers drove us to and from the airport and on our car tour as well as between meetings. While not a big place, Hamilton can be time consuming to negotiate on foot, especially when the next meeting always seems to be on the opposite end of town, so it was very nice to walk out and find our driver ready to pick us up.

The weather was not great - scattered showers and quite windy - but we avoided most of it. And besides, it was in the low 70's, so it was just nice to walk around without a coat on. We had some concerns about getting off the island today, as they were forecasting gale force winds. Depending upon the direction of the wind, the planes cannot land if the winds are above a certain level. Luckily, it seemed to be blowing in the right direction, as made it out with no problems, and with all of us upgraded to First Class.

[And there was much rejoicing.]

So, off the plane, collected the bags, and shared a cab into town with Jessica. Gary was still at the hospital when I got home, but Suki greeted me and supervised my unpacking. She noted, however, that the suitcase did not actually go away, but stayed in the dressing room. Which is bad.

Gary came home around 5:00 and had stopped to get a flank steak and salad for dinner. What a guy. Then a quiet evening watching a Netflix movie - "Serenity". This was a feature film made to follow the "Firefly" television series, which I never watched. A bit confusing at first, but I liked it. Then I fell asleep on the couch.


Quote du jour:

"Leisure time is that five or six hours when you sleep at night."

George Allen (1922 - 1990) US football coach

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